Good Road Recovery Center – Masterplan – Bismarck, ND

The Good Road Recovery Center is an on-going 22-acre project, located in Bismarck, ND near 57th Avenue North and east of US Highway 83, and is owned by the Three Affiliated Tribes, MHA Nation. After acquiring the plot of land, the MHA nation wanted to create an extensive treatment program that could be completed in multiple stages. The master plan of the complete campus includes an outpatient treatment center, 4 sperate residential care cottages, a sweat lodge, a BBQ patio, and an outdoor amphitheater; in addition to being connected to The Healing Hearts Lodge and Sage Coulee projects.

In 2019, the main portions of the campus were completed within a $24.8m budget. Included in phase one is the central outpatient treatment center, two residential care cottages, and an outdoor amphitheater, as well as the maintenance shed and a series of paved walking paths. The outpatient treatment center completed a 2nd floor addition in 2023 to accommodate the phase II care cottages, and the phase II care cottages are set to begin construction in late 2023.

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Bismarck, ND