Native Green Grow (NG2) Project – Parshall, ND

The NG2 Gas Capture Greenhouse project is a 40-acre, multi-phase project located in Parshall, ND on the Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation (FBIR) to achieve food sovereignty for the MHA Nation. The completed project will contain a 412,000 SF greenhouse (3 phases), an administrative building, a raw gas refinery plant and on-site sale marketplace.

By capturing gas from oil wells currently being burned (flared) off into the atmosphere and converting that waste gas into heat, CO2, and electricity to grow vegetable produce in self-contained, climate-controlled greenhouse, the innovative gas capture model extends the limited North Dakota growing season to a year-round operation, increasing production potential and reduces the harmful effects from flared gas.

“It’s one of the keys to ensuring that we survive, to ensuring our Nation will go into the future, growing our own crops, generating our own power, maximizing our water sources, and creating products to export so that when times do go rough, we’ve got a system in place that can really survive any difficulties that might lie ahead,” said Chairman Mark Fox.

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Parshall, ND