Community Health Resource Center – New Town, ND

Within the Elbowoods Memorial Health Campus, the Community Health Resource Center (CHRC) project is a 3-story 45,000 sf building aimed to fill the needs of 13 individual IHS and MHA health programs with administration, education, and health treatment spaces. This building was designed with patients and staffs experience in the forefront.

Once through the doors, the patients enter the spacious lobby the features several installations of local art throughout its length. The dedicated reception desk allows staff to monitor the front doors and lobby alike and allows patients to receive immediate wayfinding assistance if necessary.

Community Health Resource Center building includes executive suites, conference rooms, staff offices, storage, various staff support spaces, and patient reception were determined by each department to meet their individual needs.

The treatment spaces include a post-Covid vaccination garage, an extensive occupational and physical therapy exercise area, and private treatment rooms. The vaccination garage allows the effective distribution of treatment to community members, especially during great times of needs such as a global pandemic. The physical and occupational therapy exercise space provides a beautiful daylit environment and top of the line equipment for patient treatment. Individual treatment rooms are located in several departments, providing uniquely tailored services to each demographic of patients.

A climate-controlled pedestrian sky bridge connects the new CHRC building with the existing Elbowoods Memorial Health Clinic, allowing providers and patients an efficient pathway between the two facilities. An underground parking garage is located within the facility, providing employees and patients with a temperature controlled and safe daily commuting experience.

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New Town, ND